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Shawn Ray's Chest Workout Routine

From an article Shawn Ray wrote: "Below is a "Snap Shot" of some Basic exercises, reps and sets that helped me achieve a Hall of Fame Physique and my Pro Card after 3 years of competition on the amateur level":

Dumbbell Bench Press- I typically begin with a pair of 50lb Dumbbells for 20 Reps (Stretch & Squeeze). Each subsequent Set I would pick up heavier and heavier Dumbbells and my Reps would drop accordingly.
1- 75lbs for 15 Reps
2- 100lbs for 12 Reps
3- 125lbs for 10 Reps
4- 150lbs for 8 Reps

Flat Bench Flyes- My number 2 exercise as I am flush with blood, I have a good pump and I'm thoroughly warmed up by now.
1- 45lbs for 15 Reps
2- 55lbs for 12 Reps
3- 60lbs for 10 Reps
4- 65lbs for 8 Reps

Incline Barbell Press- I like this exercise at this stage because I feel really warmed up and strong but Pre-Exhausted to the point where I wont put too much on the Bar and risk injury.
1- 225lbs for 12 Reps
2- 250 lbs for 10 Reps
3- 275lbs for 8 Reps
4- 325lbs for 8 Reps

Weighted Dips- Bar none the best "Stretching Chest Exercise on the market! I use a weight belt that accommodates me to add an additional 75lbs strapped around my waist to perform deep dips!
1- Body Weight for 20 Reps
2- Add 25lbs for 15
3- Add 50lbs for 10 Reps
4- Add 75lbs for 10 Reps

Shawn Ray flexing

Shawn Ray competing

Shawn Ray flexing impressive abs

Shawn Ray competing at Mr. Olympia