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Gary Strydom's Workout Routine

* Uses basic movements to hit the big muscle groups. Examples: bent over rows, dumbbell presses and squats. 

Workout Schedule
A typical two weeks in my training break down as per body part/day
Monday:        Legs
Tuesday:       Chest
Wednesday: Back
Thursday:      Back legs
Friday:           Shoulders
Saturday:      Arms
Sunday:         Off

Monday:        Dead lifts
Tuesday:       Chest
Wednesday: Back 
Thursday:      Legs 
Friday:          Shoulders 
Saturday:      Back legs
Sunday:        Arms

Monday:    Off

Repeat from the beginning starting on Tuesday. Let off days fall on any day within this schedule. Let body parts follow the above schedule and repeat for 12 weeks.

* Warm up and do a few sets with a heavy weight. Less reps, of course. Do this until increasing the weight just wouldn't make sense since no further weight can be lifted.

* Now the weight used is decreased and concentration is now on REPS and SPEED.

* Sets are not counted. It maybe up to 20 or 30 sets for large muscle groups and 15 to 20 for the small groups. 

* He strongly suggests supplements and the correct diet in order to get results from his type of training.

Gary Strydom vs Lee Haney

Gary Strydom posing

Gary Strydom and fellow bodybuilders on WBF magazine cover